What Would You Do If You Could Reverse Your Vision Loss?

Your vision depends on exploring alternative treatment options. 

Courtney Medical Group has treated thousands of patients successfully and has restored much more than just their vision—we’ve restored their hope. Hear what our patients have to say about the Pittsburgh Eye Protocol below.

I came down with severe glaucoma in both eyes—and my right eye was even worst than the left—I could hardly read any lines on the vision chart. After taking the 3-day program I was privileged to say that I could see down to the 5th line, and read it. Just amazing results. And even in my left eye, the vision improved. I could get down into the 20/20 [line] and could even read some in the 20/10 [line]. An outstanding program that made a believer out of me.

That anyone could gain this much with glaucoma, especially when I’ve been told that no vision would ever be gained back. It was just a great experience and the staff and everyone was so wonderful. We just appreciate everything that Dr. Courtney and his staff have done, this program is truly amazing, you need to try it—it’s overwhelming what it will do for you.

— Roland L., South Carolina

I had a stroke that was near the occipital nerve. It ended up taking half of my vision off of each eye. I also have glaucoma. I really haven’t had a lot of hope until I experienced this program here. I am so fortunate that I joined and decided to come and experience it. [I’ve seen] a great improvement in my eyesight.

It’s been amazing. And definitely measurable—both by the charts and the equipment. [Not only comparing] testing to the beginning and the end, but also, from my own personal experience. I felt the difference and [continue] to feel the difference, and of course, I can see the difference. The clarity is amazing. The small letters that I can read and see now is a marked improvement. I’m really encouraged. I’m very glad I participated and joined the program. I’m very impressed with the staff, here.”

— Landy G., Texas

I was ready for anything that would bring hope into [Landy’s] life. Since his stroke, [Landy] had been very depressed and not hopeful because of the information that all the specialists, M.D.s, optometrists, and ophthalmologists had gave him. He found this program, started reading more about it, and we were very impressed by all of it, if not a little doubtful that it was all true. When we got here, the staff was cheerful, welcoming, and energetic. Not to mention organized. The results of the 3-day intensive therapy have been astounding. Yesterday, after we walked out of here after reviewing the test, my husband’s face was A GLOW

— Elba G., wife to Landy G., Texas

I was diagnosed with cataracts. I came to the clinic and to be honest, from the first day to the last, it was like getting new windshield blades. You know when you’re driving your car and you need new wipers and you try to use them and they just don’t clear out the muck? Especially when you’re in some dusty, dirty place? It goes across the windshield but it doesn’t clear the dirt? So, I’ve been looking through that for the last 6-8 months. On the last day of the program, it was like, I got new wipers. I was out taking pictures this morning and I can see so much clearer.”

— Sandy P., New York

“I admit that I was a bit skeptical of my outcome as a participant in your 3-Day Program. I am extremely happy that I took the chance and came to Pittsburgh. My vision has been markedly improved.”— Joseph C., Florida

As an American living in Brussels and not able to get any help for my advancing Glaucoma, I was proud to see an American doctor has found solutions to correct this devasting disease. Thank you for your skill and expertise. It was a great experience to spend three days in Pittsburgh. I am elated with my results.”

— Marie G., Brussels

I crossed 17 time zones to be a part of your 3-Day Program. I was determined that your program would be successful in treating my advanced Wet Macular Degeneration. It was. I will be forever grateful.”

— Pricilla M., Austrailia

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all your help in restoring vision to me that I thought was lost forever. I intend to follow the in-home program that you taught us. I’ll keep in touch.”

— Jillian K., Illinois

Thank you for helping our mother improve her vision in a situation where there was nothing being offered by her eye doctor. You were nice enough to fully accommodate all four of us and included us in all aspects of her program. We can now help our mother with her in-home program because we understand each of her treatments. God Bless You for what you do.”

— Donna G., Colorado

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