Is the Pittsburgh Eye Protocol Right for You.

You can restore your lost vision from serious retinal diseases. I realize that this flies in the face of what your very competent ophthalmologist is telling you. They more than likely opined that such a claim must be a “scam”. You, however, are losing your sight with each passing day. You can’t afford to ignore this. Make the decision to participate in what we call “The Courtney 3-day 3-step program to restore your lost vision”

Your approval can be assisted by following these five steps in order to ultimately allow you to decide:

1) Attend the webinar

where Dr. Courtney explains why the 3-Day Program works.

2)Explore written and video testimonials

of patients who have completed the program.

3) Watch Dr. Lisa Bowen, O.D.’s video here.

4) Call and schedule a free consultation

with Courtney Medical Group. Dr. Dennis Courtney will talk with you about your specific eye condition, the results you can expect after 3 days of treatment in the Courtney 3-Step program, and your next steps on how to participate.

5) Get a copy of the book.

Dr. Courtney’s book entitled “Restore Your Lost Vision Now – The 3-Step Program to Regain Your Sight” is needed to explain all that is done over the 3 days that you will spend in Pittsburgh for the duration of the program. It is the workbook for the program and will be a reference for you after you have completed it.
Call to order yours.

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