Feel Like You’ve Tried Everything? You Haven’t—Yet.

Has your eye doctor told you that nothing can be done to correct your retinal disease? The following questions have been frequently asked by those who have participated in the Pittsburgh Eye Protocol and are presented here to help you gain additional information for questions that you may have yourself.

Review our most frequently asked questions, check out our testimonials page, and feel confident that you can address your medical issues without having to undergo a painful surgery or continuing medications that just don’t work

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been treating serious disease using the Pittsburgh Eye Protocol?

How did you develop these “3-Day" programs for serious eye diseases since your specialty is in anesthesiology?

My eye doctor has cautioned me that the “3-Day Program” cannot work and that there is no way these programs could even exist without them knowing about it. Is that true?

How successful have you been in treating my specific disease?

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