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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is focused on getting people back to wellness who suffer from chronic and complex diseases. This type of practice utilizes unique therapies which are not taught in any medical school in the US. We say that they are “one-of-a-kind therapies” able to produce “one-of-a-kind results”. Integrative medicine not only helps people with serious retinal diseases, but also helps those who are suffering from cancer, persistent pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions. 

This type of care helps patients better manage their symptoms, sure, but it hones in on getting the body back to wellness not just fighting the symptoms themselves. Not only does this type of treatment improve the quality of life of patients by reducing fatigue, pain, and anxiety, it gives them hope that they can get back to the person they were before they came down with their illness. 

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While Courtney Medical Group heavily focuses on vision repair, we also provide a variety of different alternative treatments and therapies for a wide range of diseases and ailments. At Courtney Medical Group, we have met with many doctors, families, and friends who of course are universally skeptical of our work—we understand. But to those suffering from blindness, we assure you, there’s hope.


Regenerative Medicine

Your joint pain and the conventional treatment of it has you on a conveyor belt that will lead to a surgery THAT YOU never wanted and that you earnestly attempted to avoid. Regenerate new and healthy joint tissue that decreases pain and allows you to avoid that surgery. Enter the world of Regenerative Medicine. The treatment of chronic pain and degenerative joint disease (DJD) is no longer the purview of the orthopedic surgeon alone. The ultimate treatment offered by the orthopedic profession has been a total joint replacement, primarily of knees, hips, and shoulders.

In today’s world, there is a better option and one that allows you to regenerate healthy joint tissue from the currently diseased tissues that are causing you pain and discomfort through the use of FDA-approved biologic therapies that can be introduced into the joint itself.

To find out more about the miraculous potential of Regenerative Medicine, come in and consult with Courtney Medical Group. We can determine which of the many options available is best for your needs.

The following regenerative treatment options are available at Courtney Medical:

  1. 1. Prolozone – Invented by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, this procedure stimulates the production of patient-generated stem cells.

  2. 2. PRP – These are two treatments that harvest your own stem cells and then allow them to regenerate through healthy tissue in your diseased joints.

  3. 3. PXP – A treatment where your own RNA is given back to you. Harvest your own exosomes which are particles of RNA that can then be administered back to you.

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Regenesis HRT

Men, do you feel like life has passed you by? Are intimacy issues destroying your relationship with your partner? ReGenesis HRT offers testosterone replacement therapy for men who are looking to restore their body’s testosterone to healthy, youthful levels.

A customized blend of ReGenesis HRT is developed specifically with your needs in mind, and we do all of this while remaining safe, affordable, and confidential.

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Oxidation Therapy

Do you have symptoms that are either unresponsive to the medications that your doctor prescribed or do you feel even worse after you’ve taken the drugs they’ve recommended?

Oxygen (O2) is a very stable molecule and required in all living matter. It’s scientifically accepted that if you starve the brain of O2 for as little as 4-6 minutes, it essentially dies and is unrevivable. Add an additional oxygen atom to O2 and you get a completely different substance that is recognized symbolically as O3, or Ozone. An ozone molecule is very unstable and highly reactive with human tissue to produce medical benefits that cannot be achieved by any other means. It is frequently used in our practice to treat a myriad of chronic diseases with amazing results.

If you have a disease or an undiagnosed group of symptoms you can find no relief for or have been told that you will “Just have to live with it,” you need to consult with Dr. Courtney. There is a treatment plan for you.

A friend and mentor, we owe a great deal of gratitude to Dr. Frank Shallenberger who is recognized as “The Godfather of Ozone Therapy” in the United States. He brought this amazing treatment to the U.S. 40 years ago and continues to refine it WHILE teaching other doctors around the world about its wonders.

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Low Dose Antigen (LDA)

Correct allergies forever. Believe it or not, you don’t need to carry that EpiPen® or a box of Kleenex® wherever you go. Whether you suffer from mild seasonal allergies or major anaphylactic reactions to certain foods (e.g., shellfish, peanuts, etc.), Courtney Medical Group can help. Toss the Kleenex®, say goodbye to the neverending runny nose and watery eyes, and correct your allergies for good. There are 130+ doctors throughout the United States that have been trained to definitively treat all allergic responses—Dr. Courtney is one of them.

Friend, colleague, and mentor, Dr. William “Butch” Shrader, originally developed this treatment plan. Find out more about LDA and many diseases that it can correct.

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You will be taken directly to Dr. Shrader’s website where you will be able to 1) learn more about LDA and what it is and 2) will be shown 68 medical conditions that it treats.


COVID-19 Correction Programs

COVID-19 is unfortunately here to stay and will remain a health challenge that will be with us for quite some time. There is a network of doctors in the U.S. that actually PREVENT, TREAT, and REPAIR damage that has been caused by the virus or the treatments currently being recommended to deal with it.

Dr. Courtney is a member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and has treated a number of COVID patients safely and effectively. Find out more about this group of doctors and what they do by calling or emailing our office.

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Infusion Therapies

Courtney Medical Group offers High Dose IV Vitamin C Infusions, IV Meyers Cocktails, and IV Chelation Therapy. Some crucial vitamins and minerals cannot be taken orally because they lose their effectiveness when exposed to your digestive system. Infusion Therapies ensure your body is absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients possible.

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Thyroid Disease

Ladies! Are you plagued with fatigue? Do you have hair loss or brittle hair? Both of these are the frequent complaints of a patient with thyroid disease. In my experience, thyroid disease is the most underdiagnosed, and when diagnosed, the most under treated endocrine disorder in medicine today. It is almost entirely a female disease. These woman feel miserable but yet can’t get their doctors to listen to their complaints. You have now found a doctor that will and if necessary get your life back for you so that it can be enjoyed again.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Arthroposophic Medicine / Mistletoe Therapies

Cancer patients frequently consult with Dr. Courtney to learn if Integrative Medicine can be helpful either as an adjunct to oncology care of as a primary form of treatment for cancer. There are numerous treatments available that can have a significant impact on a malignant tumor but our newest addition to our cancer treatment arsenal is known as Anthroposophic Medicine. Anthroposophic medicine utilizes all aspects of a patient in designing a treatment program which includes the physical, emotional, spiritual environmental and social components in the cancer correction process. This has always been a mainstay in the European approach to cancer treatment. 

In 2018 a group of Oncologists from the prestigious institution of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland went to Germany and Switzerland to learn more about it. The end result of their journey is that in the Oncology Department at Johns Hopkins all cancer patients are required to be co-managed with Anthroposophic medicine. The one therapy with the greatest ability to shrink malignant tumors is “Mistletoe” Therapy. The results have been astounding. If you or a loved one has cancer either go to Baltimore to Johns Hopkins or come here to the Courtney Medical Group.  

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