Dr. Dennis J. Courtney

Medical Doctor, Anesthesiologist, Homeopath, Naturopath & Creator of the Pittsburgh Eye Protocol.

Dr. Dennis J. Courtney boasts an astounding 40-year career as a medical doctor, but before he took this path, he began his professional life as a high school teacher in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Looking to branch out, he went on to attend medical school at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico.

Bilingual in both English and Spanish, Dr. Dennis J. Courtney became the host of a highly-rated medical talk show entitled "AM Impact on Your Health" for 23 years, which ran three days per week. During this time, he was selected as one of the "20 Top Alternative Medical Doctors in the United States," and became a pioneer of integrative medical therapies in Western Pennsylvania. 

As a past Board Member of the ACAM, American College for the Advancement of Medicine, ABCT, American Board of Chelation Therapy, the ICIM, International College of Integrative Medicine, and still active member of the FLCCC Organization for the treatment of COVID-19 (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance), his passion for his field was, and still is, unmatched. 

Trained by both Dr. Frank Shallenberger (The Godfather of Ozone Therapy) to administer ozone therapeutically for the correction of acute and chronic medical disease, and Dr. William "Butch" Shader in allergy correction protocol known as LDA, (Low Dose Antigen Therapy), he was quickly recognized nationally as an expert in regenerative medicine. 

Dr. Courtney is authorized by the FDA as the first doctor in the United States to treat a COVID-19 patient as an outpatient with a Biologic Medication and is the only medical practice in Western Pennsylvania to offer the use of FDA-approved devices for the preparation and administration of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and FDA approved Autologous Exosomes.

He is also the founding physician and current Medical Director of ReGenesis HRT, which specializes in the treatment of hormonal deficiencies in men.

After decades of work and dedication to the field of regenerative medicine, he developed his now famous 3-Day eye programs and therapies to correct serious retinal eye diseases, later authoring the book of its same name, Restore Your Lost Vision Now - The 3-Step Program to Regain Your Sight, to be used as the workbook of his 3-Day programs and treatments.

“I don’t want people to become just another statistic. In fact, I want to make one thing very clear, the phrase, ‘Nothing can be done’ is not even allowed to be uttered in my office by any patient, and I encourage them not to let it be spoken anywhere in their presence. It’s just simply not true.”

— Dr. Dennis J. Courtney

Top 20 Alternative Doctors

Dr. Courtney has been recognized nationally as one of the Top 20 Alternative Medical Doctors in the United States

Dr. Dennis J. Courtney, M.D., is not only nationally known for treating patients without the use of potentially harmful pharmaceuticals, but for his dedication to the integrative medical field and the groundbreaking treatments he’s developed over the last three decades while practicing in western Pennsylvania.

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