Is Macular Pucker a Serious Eye Condition and Other Frequently Asked Questions
Macular pucker, also known as retina wrinkle, epiretinal membrane, and cellophane maculopathy, among others, is an eye condition that may cause blurred vision and/or distorted lines. In general, it isn't a serious eye condition, but it may still affect your vision, which could cause worry and anxiety over time. The macula is that part of the retina that helps you see clear images and colors from your central vision. Damage to the macula could cause a variety of eye conditions, including macular pucker and macular hole. While this may not be considered a serious eye problem, and it isn't a common condition that affects thousands of people every year, it is still important enough to have your eyecare specialist take a look at it to prevent further damage or cause permanent vision problems.  How does one develop macular pucker?   Macular pucker occurs when the retina is pulled or stretched due to a shrinking vitreous, which is a normal part of the aging process. Our eyes are able to maintain their shape because of a gel-like substance called vitreous. These gel-like substances, on the other hand, contain millions of microfibers, which are attached to the retina. When the vitreous shrinks, it may start to pull away from the retina resulting in what is called vitreous detachment. Now, usually, the most that you can experience from this is the appearance of floaters within your central vision. These are normal.  On rare occasions, this pulling and shrinking process causes slight damage on the retina, but which the retina can heal on its own. After the healing process, scar tissue is formed. This scar tissue may cause the retina to "pucker" or wrinkle, thus the formation of macular pucker.  What are the symptoms of retina wrinkle or epiretinal membrane?  Retina wrinkle basically manifests the same symptoms as macular hole, which is why it's important to have an eye specialist check your eyes to accurately determine what condition is affecting your vision. Common symptoms include blurred vision, distorted vision, wavy lines, and/or difficulty in reading small letters or fine print.  Does the condition affect both eyes?  No, it does not. Having retina wrinkle in one eye does not necessarily translate to having the other eye affected as well but it can still happen. It is also worth mentioning that macular pucker for a lot of people doesn't progress. That is, their condition does not get worse over time. It is still strongly advised nonetheless to have your eyes checked if you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned here. 

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