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We offer one-of-a-kind treatments for one-of-a-kind results.


If you are satisfied with your current conventional doctor and their use of drugs to alleviate the symptoms of your many health concerns, then the Courtney Medical Group (CMG) is not for you. 

Medical Director Dennis J. Courtney and his integrative medical practice are very different than any other medical practice you may have experienced. The treatments offered here are one-of-a-kind therapies that he has accumulated over his career as a direct result of a 23-year medical talk radio show broadcast in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Over those two decades, if a new therapy or a new book was published, Dr. Courtney was the first to know about it and was able to introduce the therapy or the author to his Western Pennsylvania audience. From that vantage point, his practice evolved as he selected the most promising treatments from the most innovative doctors of our era—three days per week for that 23-year run.

If you are frustrated, unhappy, or downright disgusted with your current medical management, give CMG a try. Our goal is not to relieve symptoms by prescribing a drug, but instead, to eliminate them by correcting the medical disorders that have produced them to begin with. All of our treatments are drug-free—just imagine eliminating medications as opposed to adding them—what a concept and what a reality. 

Take some time to browse through some of the unique treatment options available at CMG. There are two main divisions of what we offer:

If you suffer from serious retinal diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or other degenerative eye diseases, you will want to read about how you can restore your lost vision. Pay particular attention to Dr. Courtney’s creation – known as the Pittsburgh Eye Protocol – and know that these retinal eye diseases are ‘reversible’.

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a serious retinal disease? There are unfortunately a group of patients, usually of advancing age, that are afflicted with serious eye diseases and are going blind. Whether their miserable journey will be slow or rapid is still unknown, but the fact that the outcome is known is what is so frightening and depressing.

The names of the diseases are well known to the public. The most common are: Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa – however, there are many others.

There appears to be a common pattern in all of them however. They are ALL diseases of the retina and in ALL cases, “nothing can be done” in the conventional medical world of Ophthalmology to reverse or prevent the final outcome. This is a tragedy in the making, and something must be done.

The Pittsburgh Eye Protocol was created to do just that.

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Do you have a serious medical disorder that your Doctor hasn’t been able to diagnose?




Do you have a diagnosed medical condition that just doesn’t respond to treatment?






Have you been told with your medical condition that you will just have to live with it?




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“I just wanted to say thank you once again for all your help in restoring vision to me that I thought was lost forever. I intend to follow the in-home program that you taught us. I’ll keep in touch.”

Jillian K., Illinois

“I crossed 17 time zones to be a part of your 3-Day Program. I was determined that your program would be successful in treating my advanced Wet Macular Degeneration. It was. I will be forever grateful.”

Priscilla M., Australia

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